Mrs. MacHenry
Mrs. MacHenry
Name: Mrs. MacHenry
Gender: Female
Birth: Unknown
Death: December 24th, 1974
Portrayed By: Marian Waldman

Mrs. MacHenry is a character in the original Black Chrsitmas and the housewife of the sorority house. She was often called "Mrs. Mac" for short. She is the second killed by a maniac. She is the mother as Barbara MacHenry from the 2006 remake (or presumed sequel).

Description Edit

Mrs. MacHenry was the housewife of the sorority house and was well liked by all the girls. Her personality ranged depending on her mood. She would appear very friendly and kindly to her girls. But she wasn't afraid to voice her opinion. In the beginning, the girls gave her a night gown. She clearly didn't care for it and was surprised when the girls asked her to try it on. She shockingly says "Oh come on, I'm not going to bed". But tries it on for the sake of Christmas. While Mrs. MacHenry wasn't a big alcoholic like Barb, she clearly went to the bottle for almost anytime.

However, her nice mood changes when she clearly is angered or annoyed. After getting a bit of a scolding from Clare Harrison's father about the house's environment, she becomes angry. Muttering in her room that she does her best and can't control the morals of the girls' in the sorority house. She also gives Mr. Harrison the finger after he catches her apparently cursing, but mostly for his annoyed attitude towards her.

Mrs. Mac did have a fond affection for her cat Claude and called him "Claudie-kins". But she did get annoyed when she couldn't find him.

Death Edit

When Mrs. MacHenry was looking for her pet cat Claude she went in the attic first but Billy was waiting with the attic hook. Then she see's Clare Harrison's body were she is startled. Then she looks behind her and Billy drops the attic hook impaling her in the head. At the end of the film her body is in the attic with Clare's undisturbed as the camera zooms out.


  • Along with Clare Harrison and Billy Lenz, Mrs. MacHenry is the only character to be directly adapted in the remake, with the rest of the characters having their names changed or simply being references.