Megan Helms is a character from the remake of Black Christmas. She is the second sorority sister to die.


After Clair is killed, Kelli and Kyle are shown in a car making out. Kelli tells Kyle that she needs to spend time with her sisters and that they will also spend time too on Christmas day. Her cellphone rings and she tells him she needs to go now. When Kelli leaves, Kyle's phone rings and he answers it. Megan is shown in her bed room window, yelling on her phone to Kyle and then throwing her phone across the room in anger.

Later on, Kelli goes upstairs to tell the other sorority sisters that they are opening presents. She knocks on Lauren's door, telling her we're opening up presents and she quickly opens it and gets out. Kelli then goes to Clair's door and tells her the same thing, but Clair doesn't come out. Lauren then shows Kelli to get the sorority sisters attention. Lauren bangs hard and yells at Clair's door. She still doesn't get out. Lauren tells Kelli to do the same thing she did. Kelli and Lauren go and walk to Megan's door. Megan is shown in her bed room, watching something on her laptop. She then hears loud banging from her door and Kelli yelling in a fake voice. Megan gets angry and says to her "Just fuck Christmas, fuck it". Lauren says "Whatever" and heads downstairs where the other sorority sisters are. Kelli asks if Megan is okay, Megan says back to Kelli in a annoyed voice that she's fine. Kelli gives up and leaves her alone, going downstairs. It is reaveled, that Megan is angry because of a video of her and ex boyfriend Kyle having sex was posted online. 


Megan's Death
When Megan is still watching the video of her and Kyle, she then hears someone walking in the attic and a Christmas tune playing. She walks out of her bed room and climbs the ladder to the attic. She sees a snow globe that's playing "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" set on some boxes. She gets in and looks around. Megan thinks one of the sorority sisters is messing with her. She goes deeper into the attic and then finds Clair set on a rocking chair with a trash bag over her head. Megan stands still and tells Clair "What are you doing?". Suddenly, a figure sneaks up on her and shoves a trash bag over her head. Megan screams and the figure stabs her in the back lots of times with a Christmas ornament. The figure then lays her down and rips out her eye. Megan screams in pain. She is then killed off screen.
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