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Leigh's death

Leigh Colvin is a main character in the remake. She is more of an original character than anyone in the remake. She could be loosely compared to Mr. Harrison from the original Black Christmas. In the sense that they both were supposed to meet the character Clair to take them home for the holidays. Leigh is a much more developed character that Mr. Harrison and is featured as one of the more central characters. She comes off as a very rude and uncaring person, but soon begins to show her emotional side when fear of what might have happened to Clair comes up.


Leigh is Clair's half-sister and older by 12 years so they never got the chance to bond as much. Leigh was there to "bridge the gap" and make up for lost time wih Clair. Sadly, Clair was killed and her body was found by Leigh and Kelli in the attic. Leigh falls through the attic floor and gets Kelli out of the wall in which she fell in with Agnes. Kelli makes a small fire larger and the two escape the burning house. Later on in the hospital Leigh visits Kelli and reveals that she found the gift Clair had intended for her. She states that since she can not open it in front of her then she would like to with Kelli. It is a wrist watch that has "Family Forever" engraved on the back. Kelli is soon taken off for x-rays and Leigh leaves the room briefly. When she returns she sees Kelli in bed and calls to her. It was not Kelli, but Agnes who strangles Leigh and breaks her neck just before saying "Forever" to Leigh.

Her death is the dull machete in Dead Meat's kill count.


  • In one of the alternate endings Leigh survives along with Kelli. In every other ending she gets killed by Agnes.
  • Leigh is married and says that the divorce will be finalized in March, which would be three months away from when the film takes place.
  • Her ID card gives us a lot of information about her. She is 5-5, weights 110 pounds, her number is 966**DF8543, her eyes are brown as well as her location and birth (for the latter two see infobox above).
    • Her birth year, 1974 is also when the original movie was released.
    • When she died, Leigh was 31 years, 10 months and 15 days old.
  • Her Christmas present given to her by Clair was a wrist watch that read "Family Forever".
  • Kristen Cloke was in the original Final Destination. Mary Elizabeth Winstead acted in Final Destination 3. Winstead acts in this movie.
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