Clare Harrison
Name: Clare Harrison
Known aliases: Clare
Gender: Female
Known Relatives: Mr. Harrison (father)
Portrayed By: Lynne Griffin
First Appearance: Black Christmas 1974
Clare was a character in the original Black Christmas and a sorority sister. She was in a relationship with a local boy named Chris. Clare is most known as the first victim in the film and for her corpse being used in the poster. She also stood out because she and Mrs. MacHenry's bodies were never found at the end of the film.


Clare Harrison was considered a "good" girl and was apparently new to the sorority house. She got along with most of the girls, save for Barb due to her attitude. Apparently Barb would purposely aggravate Clare, for no real reason. Barb's closest answer to Jess when she confronted her was, "I know a real virgin when I see one". She most likely taunted at Clare because of her innocent nature.

One night, Clare and the other girls receive another obscene phone call from the "Moaner". Barb then talks back to him, to which he replied he was going to kill her. Clare, spooked, worried about Barb provoking someone like that. Barb tries to calm the situation, stating he was "minor" leagues and was use to callers like that. Clare still worried, mentions news about a local town girl being raped recently. Barb merely looks at her and said "you can't rape a towney". Clare offended by the comment, leaves to prepare to meet with her father the next day.

As she heads into her room, she's happy to find Mrs. Mac's cat Claude in her room. She warmly hugs the cat and puts him down to start packing. But she stops when she apparently hears Claude meowing and goes to the closet to investigate the noise. Clare's suddenly choked to death with a plastic sheet, wrapped around her head.

But no one apparently hears her screams, either because of the noise the girls make when they give Mrs. MacHenry her gift or they simply couldn't hear due to her being on another floor. Its during that time, the killer "Billy", quietly takes Clare's body up to the attic.

Her body remains up there throughout the whole film and was seen carefully placed in a chair by the window. Throughout the film, her father and the other girls, spend their time trying to find her but never do. She and Mrs. MacHenry are never found at the end of the film, as the police, foolishly, leave the attic alone.

Trivia Edit

Mrs. Machenry's cat Claude, seemed to like Clare a lot as the cat was seen in the attic. Not understanding that she was dead, the cat climbed onto her lap to greet her.

·Her corpse, propped up by the attic window, is featured on the poster.