Clair Crosby is the half sister of Leigh Colvin. She is Melissa's neighbor. Clair is the first sorority sister to die.


It may be hinted that she is friends with Lauren, when Melissa tells Lauren that Clair got her a snow globe that plays "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" for a Christmas present to her. We know nothing else about her. But she may get along with all her sorority sisters and maybe even her sister Leigh.


Clair's Death

Clair´s Death at hands of Billy. Later her corpse is found in the attic.

At the beginning of the movie, it shows Lauren sitting in front of her window drinking beer and smoking. Next to her, on another window, we see Clair entering her bed room with her hands filled with stuff. In Clair's bed room, she is on the floor drinking a glass of wine and writting a Christmas card on gift for her sister. Clair notices clothes in her half open sliding closet start moving. She gets up and checks them, only to find out it's the sorority house's heater vent making them move. She goes back to what she was doing. Clair looks for a pen she was using but can't find it. As she turns around, a figure shoves a trash bag over her head. She screams and struggles to get free. The figure then stabs her deep in the eye with the pen she was using, killing her. She also has her eyes ripped out off screen.


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