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Barb Coard is a character in the original film. She is a foul-mouthed alcoholic with a cynical sense of humor. During the film, its hinted she has a bad relationship with her mother. As she becomes very angered when her mother basically ditches her at Christmas for apparent new boyfriend. Its also apparent her mother knows about her drinking problem as she was quick to ask how much Barb drank.

While Barb didn't care for the "Moaner", she was almost unphased by his calls. In the early part of the film, she comments on how he "expanded his act" and almost complimented it.Though Clare worries that Barb talking back to the "Moaner" would provoke him. Barb shrugs him off and claims she's use to anonymous perverts and jerk callers.


While Jess Barford and Pyhllis "Phyl" Carlson, spend most of their time looking for Clare. Barb spends most of her time getting drunk and saying inappropriate things, even in front of Clare's worried father. Eventually, the others get tired of her rude behavior. Though Mrs. MacHenry tries to calm the girl down, Barb's too erratic to calm. Phil tires of Barb's drunken behavior and tells her in a stern voice to go to bed.

After passing out drunk, Billy Lenz stabs her to death with a glass unicorn figurine. Barb struggles and admits noises of distress only to be drowned out by the singing of young carolers downstairs. The last we see of Barb is her blood hand with black nails lifelessly clash with her glass menagerie set her and Phyl's bodies were later found by Jess.

Her death is the golden chainsaw in Dead Meat's kill count.


  • In the 2006 remake, her name is changed to Lauren Hannon and her character is shaved down to a flat drunk.
  • Though it isn't shown until near the end, Barb suffered from asthma and nearly died of an asthma attack when Billy snuck in her room. But due to her tired/or drunken condition, she thought it was a dream.
  • Barb may have unintentionally been the push Billy needed/or wanted to act on his violent tendencies.
  • Most of the girls, had made plans to go home, but Barb asks them to plan a skiing trip when her mother basically ditches her.
  • Played by Margot Kidder who later went on to play Kathy Lutz in the Amityville Horror as well as Lois Lane in Superman